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Regulator Skull Armored Adjustable

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Icon Mens Regulator Skull Leather Vest The symbol of the skull has always been linked with motorcycles. Some riders try to separate themselves from the "bad" biker image and consider the skull to be passe at best. It would not surprise me if some see the Icon Regulator vest as tacky, but there is a very real historical and symbolic relevance to the skull emblem.

Riders are sometimes mislabeled as chasers of death, and so the skull appears to mean a disregard for life. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The skull, ironically, embraces life by the recognition of death. It is a way of saying "I know that I will die, so I choose to live first." Historically there is no more potent symbol. It's appeared in cultural and religious art since the dawn of time.

Although the biker-skull relationship may be overdone in the media and by purveyors of cheap accessories, the link remains, and some people still pull it off with class. Icon presents the skull motif on many of their products. The Regulator vest is one of their simple, elegant skull items. A single skull design adorns the back of this premium leather vest with the Icon logo stamped into the forehead. It is made to be worn over a jacket and, because you don't really want to meet the Grim Reaper any sooner than you have to, there is removable hard armor in the back.

The Icon logo permeates the vest in the stitching. The seams are solid and the quality of this vest is unquestioned. The price may deter some, but if you want to embrace an important symbol of biker history and human history, this is a powerful piece of apparel. And you can wear it comfortably underneath your skull jacket, too.

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