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Injection Molded Armored Mesh

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Icon Mens Short Black Motorcycle Boots,Icon is an interesting company. Where many of the older apparel companies market traditional "tried-and-true" designs, Icon focuses on designs that appeal to the youngest segment of our sport. Some would even call the company trendy. However, the upside to all of this is that young riders like the gear and are wearing it. Further, Icon makes high quality protective gear.

Icon Field Armor Boots are part of this youthful marketing trend. As the name would indicate, the boots are inspired by a military theme. The boots are rugged and much more "clunky" than traditional motorcycle-specific boots. Styling-wise, the design is nice; later I'll discuss the possible downside.

There is little question that this is a solidly protective boot. It has injection-molded plastic toe, heel, and shin armor in its lower calf rise design. It has three substantial buckles to secure it to the foot. For comfort, the Field Armor Boots have breathable mesh inserts. The sole is motorcycle-specific, and there is shifter protection.

It is obvious these are high quality boots, so what is the downside? I have found that boots with a large construction-style (or in this case, military-style) toe box can be very cumbersome in movement over and under the shifter on sport-bikes. This is something to consider when contemplating boots of this style.

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