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Motorcycle Field Armor

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Icon Elbow Field Armor BlackWhy is it that we tend to get more cautious the longer we ride? It would seem that the more time we spend on a bike without going over, the more we think it could happen someday. If you've been riding with just a vest or an armor-less jacket and you're starting to feel a bit exposed, you can pick up some Icon field armor.

The elbow armor is cheaper than buying a new coat with integrated armor. Impact-absorbing plastic and abrasion-resistant panels will keep your skin on your arms. These are made from form-fitting blend of breathable nylon/polyester, so they're not going to slide around or leave your arms soggy with sweat.

Icon's armor will fit nicely under a coat or shirt, but I like the idea of having strategically positioned armor to free me from long sleeves on hot days. Rather than looking like the kid with overprotective parents, Icon armor likens one more to the high intensity sport crowd.

If you do go over, it's an automatic reaction to put your arms out to protect your head and body in a fall. You've already got a helmet, so keep that tender flesh on your bones and armor up. Elbow and forearm armor has adjustment straps, so you get the right fit. The flexible material won't impede the movement of your arms. These are not expensive and, in addition to smart riding, they can be used when you play field hockey, jump into a mosh pit, or take part in anything else that might scrape the arms.

Icon also sells armor for your knees and shins, too.

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