Harley Davidson Skull Flames License Plate Frame

Chrome Brass Engraved, UV Epoxy Protected

Posted by Andy

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Harley Davidson Skull Flames License"Now, Franklin, why don't you tell me where your fixation on license plate frames came from?"

"Well, to be honest, Doc, I don't really know. I mean... my Pops always used to switch out the ol' plate frame on the family Bonneville. Ya know, one month we'd have one that said ‘I'd rather be fishing,' and the next month he'd stick one on that said ‘If you can read this, YOU'RE TOO CLOSE,' so I think maybe I kinda got it from him."

"Hmmm... Very interesting, Franklin. I think I know where the problem stems from. You seem to need that routine change, and yet you've admitted that you'll never change out the Chrome Car License Plate Frame from Harley-Davidson. Why?"

"Doc, you just don't understand. It's computer engraved and then filled with UV stable epoxy enamel to keep it looking brand new. The solid brass frame is chrome plated and highly polished to keep it shiny forever. It even comes with chrome caps to fill the screw holes so you can't tell how it's mounted. Plus, my love for Harley doesn't change, so why should my license plate frame?"

"Well Franklin, I can see where you're coming from, but I'm still going to have to give you a prescription for mental instability. Please see the nurse on your way out."

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