Harley-Davidson Rear Fender Bib

Black Leather Passenger Seat Cover

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Harley-Davidson Rear Fender Bib Tired of every ditz asking for a ride on your bike? Worse: Do you have a friend who actually wants you to drop them off places on your bike? You can dissuade passengers or make their ride extraordinarily uncomfortable, if not impossible, by ditching that pillion.

The molded base of the Harley-Davidson rear fender bib will form-fit over the mounting holes where your passenger seat once was. This will protect the fender and cover the unsightly functionality that evidences the past pillion. Textured leather will maintain the look of the bike, bridging the gap between the seat and the fender with style. The soft felt backing will safeguard your finish.

Anywhere a bolt has been can chip away enough of the finish to let rust formation take over. Unless you can catch it quickly, the smallest exposed area can start a serious rust problem. So the bib does more than cover unsightly mounting points; it protects the area from weathering.

A fender bib is perfect if you want to replace your seat with a more comfortable solo seat, or trim some weight off your bike without destroying the aesthetic. If you're going through all the trouble of removing the pillion, the bib is worth the cost to finish the job you started.

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