Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Cover, Touring

Elastic Fit w/ Waterproof Windshield Liner

Posted by Andy

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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Cover,There are motorcycle covers, and then there are motorcycle covers. What's the difference, you ask? Well, I've seen "covers" that are made from a 10-year-old bed sheet. Not really going to protect that investment of yours, right? Another common "cover" is the good ol' 10'x10' blue tarp. Sure, it'll keep the rain from hitting your paint, but throw it over a hot exhaust and you'll melt that plastic like a glob of butter in a frying pan. If you're going to put the money into a nice motorcycle, you should put a little into the cover designed to protect it correctly.

That's where this Harley-Davidson motorcycle cover comes in. It's specifically designed to fit all touring models (except for the trike) and features a protective windshield liner as well as a securing strap. It also has elastic edges to help get a snug fit, and even a convenient storage pouch. It's made out of 300 denier fade-resistant polyester and has urethane-coated material as well as double-stitched seams to provide excellent waterproofing. Along with the exhaust heat shields, this cover is vented to keep weird stuff from incubating under the cover. It's not as cheap as a tarp, but it will look a lot nicer and do a better job.

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