Fox Racing Fluid Jacket Protector

Men’s MX Dirt Bike Motorcycle Overcoat, Waterproof PVC Repellant

Posted by Andy

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Fox Racing Fluid Jacket Protector "Oh Steven, I can't believe that you got that beautiful hand stitched jacket your grandmother made for you right before she died all muddy and filthy like that. Have you no shame? Did you even think about her frail, bony fingers pushing the needle through that tough fabric, almost to the point of them bleeding, just so you could jump into a pile of manure? She would be turning over in her grave if she saw this right now. Get to your room!"

"But Ma! How am I supposed to ride in the fields without gettin' my jacket dirty?"

If only little Steven knew about the Fox Racing MX Fluid Men's Dirt Bike Motorcycle Jacket. It's made out of 100% PVC and is designed to wear over your protective motocross jacket. This thing can repel pretty much anything that would typically stain or cause unpleasantness to your pristine protector. Though the Fluid jacket is pretty tough, it's definitely not going to handle a spill without tearing, but it's not too expensive so I wouldn't cry about it too much. Unlike a two dollar poncho, though, this thing fits well and doesn't get in the way of riding at all. You won't even know that it's on, except for the fact that if you're really riding hard it can act as a sauna and get you sweating a little more than you would normally be while riding. It's available in sizes X-Small to 2 X-Large.

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