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MX Gear, Clarino Neoprene Dirtpaw

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Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves People buy Fox Racing products based on the name, because the name is known for quality. Fox's Dirtpaw glove, which is updated constantly so make sure you're looking at the 2009 model, is their low-end beat-me-up glove.

Constructed of tough vented synthetics, the Dirtpaw won't let sweat disturb your hold. The palm is padded Clarino synthetic leather that eats up vibration while the silicone dots on the fingertips provide a natural feeling, no-slip grip.

What gives these gloves a truly unique look for their class is the neoprene and PVC rubber adorning the chassis. Positioned to protect your hands from impact on the fingers and knuckles, these pads also create a daunting design. The dots on the fingers of the black and white gloves remind me of little skulls and crossbones.

These may look like higher-end gloves, but if you are a hard rider who is going to be putting a lot of abuse on your equipment, buy a step up from the Dirtpaw. These will wear well for medium or light riding and be great for street use, but heavy use will wear these right out in a few months.

Dirtpaws are well favored among those to ride bicycles as well as those who prefer their motorized cousins. This is due to their light construction, long life in light riding, and the fact that they're only $20. The Dirtpaw gloves are available in black, white, blue, red, and yellow.

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