Fly Racing Motorcycle MX Chest Protector, Black

Hydro Pack Water Bladder

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Fly Racing Motorcycle MX ChestVersatility is becoming the name of the game in motorcycle protective apparel. Here we have a hydration system that integrates a chest protector (or vice versa). At first glance, the Fly Racing Convertible Hydro Pack Kit looks to be a perfect marriage. In fact, for most riders, it may be.

The system includes a hydration bladder, a rock deflector, and some storage for tools. Riders report that once the system is in place, it is actually fairly comfortable. It certainly alleviates the need for three separate important items. Most dirt riders (at least of the trail variety), carry a tool pouch (often as a fanny pack), a hydration system, and a separate chest protector. The theory behind the Convertible Hydro Pack is that all of these components can be worn as one.

There are a couple of potential negatives that come to mind. One is that the system removes vendor choice in the various components. If you love the rock deflector but want a different style of hydration system, you are out of luck. Also, some riders have reported that the mouthpiece of the hydration unit is not as user-friendly as some, and has proven to be a bit fragile.

These small nit-picks aside, I believe the Fly Racing Convertible Hydro Pack Kit is a really good idea. In the end, fewer separate components to deal with means fewer potential headaches.

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