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Black Leather Fargo

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Firstgear Mens Fargo Gloves Three words used by Firstgear in the description of their Fargo gloves confused and amazed me: waterproof, breathable leather. Leather is not known for its breathability. If you oil it, you can usually expect some water resistance, but waterproof? Really? Apparently, yes.

As the name suggests, these are for the kind of cold, drizzly weather you can find in North Dakota. These leather gloves have full gauntlets and Hipora waterproof membranes. You will have 40 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation and an adjustable wrist strap to help your hands retain their heat.

The elastic wrist retention and gauntlet zipper will keep the wind from getting up your sleeves. When you're riding in the cold, keeping the heat you produce is vital. You've got to seal off anywhere the wind could get in, or your warmth could get out -- and the Fargo gloves are designed with that in mind.

In addition to all the internal features that make these superb inclement weather riding gloves, there are a few external features to sweeten the deal. Reflective piping across the back of the hands will help these black gloves be seen at night, which is especially helpful when using hand signals. A long faceshield wiper blade on the left index finger will let you clear your shield, rather than just smudging the water around. The wiper blade could literally be a lifesaver during night riding in the rain.

Waterproof, breathable leather -- that's all that really needs to be said.

If you'd prefer the protection of leather with the comfort of nylon, check out the Alpinestars Windstopper gloves.

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