EVS Sports Revo 4 Roost Guard

Motocross Chest Protector

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EVS Sports Revo 4 Roost Guard To those folks outside the wonderful world of motocross, our beloved sport's apparel and protective gear can often come across looking "weirdo" or "wanna-be superhero." Let's face it: brightly-colored flashy clothes, paired with large amounts of plastic body armor and big ol' boots, is kind of reminiscent of a forgotten X-Men character. Thankfully, EVS is a company that respects those looking for a more subtle way to protect themselves from the harmful effects of flying roost.

The EVS Revo 4 Roost Guard is a compact chest protector designed to avoid the bulky look of more traditional plastic models. It is primarily constructed of soft (yet protective) foam, but also sports a clear hard plastic guard in the front for added rock and roost protection. It can be worn under or over a jersey, but is really designed to comfortably hide underneath.

Under-jersey chest protectors typically fit much better than traditional ones because they hug your body, and the flexible foam can easily form to the contours of your shape. If you wear it directly against your skin, expect a chafe or two though. The only other real negative, if you want to call it that, is that the back isn't as protected as the front. Overall, if you're looking for a decent incognito chest protector, you might want to check out the Revo 4.

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