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D803 Trials 4.00R-18 301245

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Dunlop Rear Tire A relatively new trend in off-road riding in the past few years has been to ditch the old trail-destroying aggressive knobbies for more enviro-friendly and ultra grippy trials tires. While trials tires are nothing new, they are gaining some serious popularity among pro riders and weekend warriors.

Dunlop's 18 inch D803 Rear Trials tire is the tire giant's latest entry in this growing market. The benefit of a trials tire basically boils down to the fact that they have much more biting edges than a regular knobby. They are much softer, and all those close knobs grip the ground like hundreds of little fingers. The D803's radial design promises excellent traction on all types of surfaces.

There are a few things to be aware of if you are new to trials tires. One is that their radial design is meant to utilize very low tire pressure which equates to a bit of a spongy feeling that takes some getting used to. The other is that most bikes come stock with 19-inch rear wheels. As you can guess, an 18-inch tire won't work on a 19-inch rim. That means if you want to try a trials tire you need to buy a new rim and spokes at the very least. That will drive up the cost significantly, but if you are a serious off-roader the price is well worth it.

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