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Black 3100MCMBLK

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Chase Harper Stealth Saddlebags The look of saddlebags is usually bulky, but not entirely without charm. There's not a lot that can be done about the appearance because the internal size is directly related to the external size. Chase Harper, however, has devised a way to trick the senses with their Stealth saddlebags.

The shape is something completely new in the saddlebag world. Constructed of a unique MCM material, these bags open and close like a clamshell. Dual zippers run across the top and down the sides for complete accessibility. The dimensions are 13.5 inches by 7.5 inches by 10.5 inches. That provides a lot of space, but the aerodynamic shape leads the eye to glance right over them as easily as the wind does.

These bags are water resistant and equipped for quick detachment. Chase Harper states that these bags are "amazingly lightweight." The definition of "amazing" is subjective, but you get the idea. The seams are all bound on the inside with bar tacked stress points, so it's a Chase Harper bag through and through.

Black is the only color, but this is a stealth saddlebag so that's no surprise. These are perfect for the person who needs saddlebags but doesn't want to disrupt the fluid lines of their bike. You're going to have to shell out for the extra engineering, but you always do.

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