Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Jacket, Brown Basic

Premium Grain w/ Full Zip Liner by Allstate

Posted by Andy

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Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Jacket,The thing about buffalos is that you know they're pretty tough to begin with. They have big strong backs, can weigh a ton, and have large horns capable of skewering a man like a shish-kabob. This is probably what helps buffalo leather be as durable and protective as it is, and why it's a great material for making protective motorcycle jackets out of.

This Men's Brown Basic Motorcycle Jacket is made by Allstate Leather, and has many features that are sure to get you all tickled pink inside. First of all, it's made from premium grain buffalo leather, creating a tough and abrasion-resistant safety bubble. There are stylish laces that run up and down the sides to give it that old time-ish style and look. Both of the zippers are made from heavy-duty YKK materials, so you know they're going to last for a long time. The collar is hidden and can be snapped down, too. The lining is removable to help give it more usefulness in the summer and winter months, and it has outside and inside pockets galore to help store all your stuff. Sized by how big your chest is, this jacket is available in sizes 40 inches all the way up to 60 inches.

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