Biker Access Men’s Vest, Thermal Insulated

Lined Black Leather Laced

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Biker Access Mens Black Leather Vest Because I ride, I get a lot of questions about biker culture. It's as if people think there's some kind of handbook that comes with the bike about being a big bad biker babe. One of these questions was about vests and why they're so popular in the riding community.

I'm sure they wanted some tale of intrigue and secret handshakes, but all I could tell them was, "core body temperature." You don't want to add as many layers to your arms as your torso, or you won't be able to move on a chilly ride. Even sleeveless, you want to keep the wind off of your body. They were unimpressed. I'll make something up next time.

Honestly, it doesn't matter why the vest came to be king in cruiser culture. It is here and here to stay. Biker Access offers a simple black vest constructed of cowhide leather that is heavy, yet soft. The heft will work to your advantage against wind and abrasion while the worked-in softness won't restrict your movement. As a side note, people like to touch soft leather, so you can use that to your advantage.

For practical reasons, this vest is lined and comes with outside and inside pockets. The snap closure makes it easy to open and close with gloved hands. Side laces let you adjust the size if you need to let it out or take it in a bit. Biker Access vests run true to size, so get it big if you want to wear this over other gear.

On perpetual sale, you can find this vest for around $35. The exterior is plain, and I do not like the stitching one bit, but you're probably just going to cover it in patches anyway.

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