Answer Racing Shirt, Mens Long Sleeve

MX Fitted Black Evaporator

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Answer Racing Evaporator Motocross BodyThese days, nothing is tailored to fit. You get a pair of new shoes that feel good, wear them for a day, and you end up with sore feet until you break them in --them being the shoes or the feet, take your pick. The same goes for motocross armor. It might stop those welts and scrapes from the heartless world, but you'll be plenty broken from chafing. What's worse is that every wound is right where your gear fits, and there's no escaping the pressing pain.

I would recommend custom gear to fit to every swing and sway of your body, but finding such a thing might be harder than paying for it. Enter Answer Racing's Evaporator long sleeve shirt. This shirt will be snug to the skin, protecting your from chafing and letting your armor fit over it with ease.

Spun Translink fabric is designed to wick sweat away from your skin, cooling you all the while. Antibacterial treatments also reduce the funk that builds up after working the dirt all day. Two layers work together to pull sweat off of your skin and then quickly evaporate it away. The whole process gets rid of moisture twice as fast as cotton. The cooling action stops when you stop sweating, and even helps keep you warm on those nippy mornings.

I'm a picky person. Even when I like something I can find fault with it, but Answer's Evaporator does what it's designed to do and does it for about $35.

If a basic, short-sleeved shirt is what you're after, Joe Rocket teamed up with Honda to bring you this tee.

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