Alpinestars Womens Tech 6 Stella Motocross Boots

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Alpinestars Womens Tech 6 Stella Motocross BootsThe list of features on this pair of Alpinestars Tech 6 Stella Boots will blow you away. These are not top-rated boots for nothing.

Start with the upper. It features a calf of 3.2-3.4mm full grain leather, contoured shin plate protectors and wide calf protectors injected with high-modulus polyurethane for high impact abrasion/impact resistance.

Moving down the boot, you've got ankle padding specifically designed to mimic and protect women's tapering, stamped suede on the inside boot cover for excellent bike grip and heat protection, a stainless steel sole guard, and an ergonomically-designed footbed raised at the heel.

Further protection includes a soft-assembly midsole to cushion the ball of the foot more effectively, injected PU protection to cover the side, toe, ankle, heel & back, aluminum buckles with memory capability, and a patented ankle brace protector.

Phew! This list could go on and on, but basically, for the money you spend you will be getting a heck of a pair of boots, built to suit your every comfort and intended to last a lifetime.

Also check out the Stella S-MX 4 boots designed specifically for street racers.

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