Akuma Phantom 2 Helmet

Lightest Full-Face Racing Model

Posted by Brad

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Akuma Phantom 2 Helmet Helmet technology is booming. And in every aspect from weight to functionality to features to the bottom line (or ‘head' of the list, maybe)-safety. The Akuma Phantom MFR is another of these on the leading edge of technical design.

Start with the carbon fiber shell, very light and very strong. This helmet is finished, not painted, and there are no further color choices. The MFR means "Made For Racing" and while this is an expensive lid, it's also designed for light weight, excellent aerodynamics, balance, and functionality, and anything that doesn't fit into these parameters was trimmed from the design. At three pounds, it's the lightest helmet on the market and you will feel the difference.

Akuma's other shout about the Phantom is their Aegis SOLFX™ photochromic visor which transitions from clear to dark depending upon available light. Rated protection is about UV400, and Akuma claims 30 seconds to change from lighter to darker, a little more time for the transition from dark to light. Optionally, you can order the "hydrophobic" visor, which does a weirdly good job of shedding dust and water; or, you can order a standard smoke visor.

The insides are a soft and wicking material, and removable. The fit is close without being uncomfortably tight. There is some slight wind noise, surprising for a helmet of this caliber and price, but the unusually light weight of this helmet outweighs any concerns there. Whether you race or not, this is a helmet worth looking into-or out from.

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  1. Clay Says:

    You said this Akuma is an XL for a 55-56cm head. According to the size chart this is a small. What size is it and are sure you know what size you are selling. Also, is the weight for anothger helmet or this one with all the plug ins?

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