Air Force Blaster Cycle Dryer

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Air Force Blaster Cycle Dryer I used to date a guy who shall remain un-named (his name rhymed with "Bill") and he would spend hours -- and I mean hours -- detailing his chopper. Now, I really loved that chopper, and I actually became legendary at the dealership where he sold it as "the girl who cried when that guy sold his bike". But I digress. So "Bill" would get out the warm, sudsy water, and he would wash his bike, lovingly caressing every curve and corner, every bit of chrome and paint and metal. And then he would gently rinse it. But then the real time-intensive part came. He would dry the bike, using several towels, and making sure to get every last drop of water off -- no water spots on that chopper!

If I could have gotten my hands on this Air Force Blaster Cycle Dryer, I would have bought it in a heartbeat. I would have hocked jewelry to get it. Because it would have meant actually riding on sunny Saturday afternoons, instead of sitting around watching "Bill" dry his bike.

Weighing in at 8 lbs., the Air Force Blaster Cycle Dryer is made by Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner. It rings in at about $210 or so. It pumps out 4 horsepower and uses a 12 Volt power supply. It also has a 10-foot hose, which is nice because you don't need to worry about dragging it over your ride. And it blasts the water right off your bike without leaving water spots. It has a 12-foot power cord so when your wife (or husband) yells "get that loud thing out of the garage!" you can probably comply.

If you are meticulous about your bike's cleanliness, buy this. Enjoy riding, not washing.

You could also try an upright vacuum like the HOG Blaster.

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