AFX Women’s Motorcycle Pink Helmet

Full Face w/ Skull Decal FX-90

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AFX Skull Motorcycle Helmet Last year I was riding down the freeway when I saw a woman on the overpass above me, stopped at a red light. She was riding a large cruiser but she could have been riding a horse for all the attention I paid to the bike. She was wearing pink leather, head to toe, and a hot pink full-face helmet to which she had affixed a huge -- HUGE -- pink mohawk.

This girl needed attention, and lots of it, and she got it.

You may not need quite that much of the spotlight. But if you are "tuff girl" rider and you want a "tuff girl" helmet that will not break your wallet but will provide safety and reliability, this is the helmet for you.

AFX is known for high quality helmets. They are mid-priced while offering the refinement of design and safety of the highest-priced helmets. The pink, grey and black design is a blend of whimsical and bad-ass, and the graphics are very well done. At about $70, you could pay a LOT more for a similar helmet. AFX makes helmets for motorcycles, dirt bikes, snowboards, and ATVs. Their styles range from half-helmets to beanies to full-face. They have spent years refining their designs for safety and comfort, and the Skull is no exception.

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