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Open Face Beanie w/ Chin Strap, Flame FX-70

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AFX FX-70 Pink Flame Beanie Flames or no, as winter approaches, beanies look cold. I realize that not everyone riding through this broad expanse of land, traced with the veins of well traveled roads, is about to end their riding season. For those of you who enjoy ridable weather year-round, I understand if you want to feel a little wind in your face.

The AFX FX-70 helmet is DOT certified, which is a nice legal convenience and might quell some of those pesky survival instincts. Constructed of a thermoplastic poly alloy, the FX-70 does give up some style for safety. To be DOT, it is a little on the thick side. As you should know, you are letting go of some protection for such a little bucket, but it covers the brain and that's what counts, right?

Removable ear flaps cut down on the sound, but I would advise ear plugs or a windshield. A beanie doesn't always offer the kind of protection the soft tissues of your face may desire, so a three-snap visor is designed for universal shields and visors.

Two features make this helmet one to have a serious look at: the price and the style. A simple, yet striking flame design won't require someone to be right on top of you to appreciate. For $50, you can afford this for your hot weather cruising and have a full-face for foul weather too.

Need some subtly-pink black leather gloves to go with it?

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