ZOX DDV Motorcycle Half Helmet

Street Bike w/ Drop Visor Smoke Shield, Matte Black

Posted by Andy

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ZOX DDV Motorcycle Half Helmet For the most part, I'm not a huge fan of half-shell helmets. They offer the minimum protection required by law in most states, and to be honest, a lot of them just don't seem to fit well or look good. I do like having one around as a spare, something I can throw in my backpack in case there's a cute girl who needs a ride somewhere. Most of the time, though, I get complaints about too much wind in the eyes, but there's a solution now. They make the Zox DDV.

The DDV stands for Drop Down Visor which is a hidden visor that comes down to protect your eyes in an instant. Zox gives a little bit back to the people, too. Not only does it include the clear shield, but they throw in the smoke shield for free. This is great for riders who don't mind to pull over for a minute when it starts to get really sunny and swap lenses, versus trying to remember your sunglasses. They do sell other tints as well, so why not use the money you saved for not having to buy a smoke shield and get a high definition yellow instead? Or you can get a burger. Whatever floats your fancy. The Zox DDV is made out of an advanced fiberglass composite shell for your safety, and it passes DOT standards. Other features include an EPS liner system, which offers good comfort while providing a narrower profile shell. It's available in sizes S up to XXL.

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