Victory Motorcycle Battery Box Cover

Chrome ABS Panel for Jackpot, Kingpin & Vegas

Posted by Andy

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Victory Motorcycle Battery Box Cover Probably one of the easiest things to lose on your bike is that side cover. Usually it's just covering up your battery or some other miscellaneous wires, but for some reason (at least with my experience), the little plastic tabs that typically keep them in place seem to get worn down or break off completely, and then your wires are exposed for everyone to see. Besides being a visual nuisance, I never had any issues with my first motorcycle missing the side panels, but had I had the opportunity to buy new ones and cover up that blemish, I'm sure I would have.

So, if you've got that issue, or you just want to add a little bit of extra chrome to your Victory Motorcycle, you should check out the Chrome Battery Cover Box. This one is made to fit all Victory Jackpot, Kingpin, and Vegas Motorcycle models. It's made out of ABS plastic with a true chrome finish that really cleans up the look of your bike. Besides looking pretty, it will also help keep your battery dry, which in turn will keep your terminals from oxidizing and causing a weak connection. Did I mention it looks snazzy too?

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