VersaHaul Motorcycle Carrier Ramp

Steel Heavy Duty Single VH-55 RO

Posted by Andy

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VersaHaul Motorcycle Carrier Ramp What stops me from taking a nice road trip in my car is that I don't have a way to carry my bike with me. Mainly, I know that if I get to somewhere that is nice, I'd rather be riding the bike. "Throw it on a trailer," you might say, but the idea of dragging a trailer with me everywhere isn't that appealing. You have to find extra room to park, and backing up is always a little tricky. I'm sure you've seen the motorcycle carriers out there that are made of aluminum and feel like they'll bend or break with just the weight of a scooter on it, so that's not really an option. There are better ones out there, though, like the VersaHaul Motorcycle Carrier.

What makes the VersaHaul stand out is that it's made of 14-gauge steel, not aluminum. It's designed to carry bikes up to 500 pounds. Everything is burley on this carrier -- even the hardened steel bolts used. A unique feature that the VersaHaul has over its competitors is the "Follow-Thru" hitch. Basically, you can put the carrier on, throw your bike on the carrier (using the ramp that's included and mounts to the VersaHaul), and tow a boat or a trailer behind it. This is perfect for people with RVs that want to bring their cars and toys with them when they go camping. It's a little more expensive than other carriers out there, but I've used this one and I can tell you it's built solid and worth the money.

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