Venom Motorcycle, Radio Control Model

Sport RC GPV-1 w/ FM Transmitter, 7.2V Battery

Posted by Andy

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Venom Motorcycle, Radio Control Model Here I was, digging deep into the corners of a rough road I've never ridden before. Zigging this way, zagging that way to avoid all the obstacles that jumped into my path, I came into a straight-away and pulled the throttle wide open. Dash marks started to blur into straight lines, and the only thing I could hear was a revving engine. Then all of a sudden, a giant foot crossed right into my path and I crashed headfirst into it. As the bike and I flipped over and crashed into the ground, I pulled myself back out of the induced daydream that the RC Venom GPV-1 Motorcycle put me into.

It's 1:8 scale, comes in all the colors of the rainbow, and features a fiber reinforced plastic chassis. This guy is not going to snap in half the first time you run it into a wall. The tires are specially designed for maximum speed and to take the turns without losing their grip. The controller layout is simple enough that newer drivers can use it, but the RC motorcycle provides enough challenge that experienced drivers will also love it. It has a well-balanced, low center of gravity for pavement-hugging handling, a USD (Upside Down) telescoping oil-filled front forks, threaded body oil-filled rear shocks, and 6 ball bearings on the chassis. I'm pretty sure this is better suited for the road than my current real bike. The controller is a 3-ch. FM radio transmitter so you can have multiple bikes running around at the same time, and the battery is a 7.2V 1200 NiMH battery. It comes with a wall charger, track stands, and 2 chassis assembly tools.

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