Vemar DOT Helmet w/ Bluetooth Intercom

Full or Open Face Flip, White CKQI

Posted by Tim

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Vemar DOT Helmet w/ Bluetooth Intercom This is a strange-looking helmet. I am all for new technology, but the Vemar CKQI Bluetooth Helmet is a real departure. So what is it? Let me try to explain.

As the name suggests, this helmet incorporates a Bluetooth intercom and communications system. I will admit this is a technology that I know little about. However, those "in the know" say the CKQI system works much more seamlessly than many other similar helmet communication systems.

Now on to the stuff that I do know: helmet design. The CKQI has a molded thermoplastic shell, and is of a convertible design. With the chin-bar installed, it's a full face helmet. With it removed, it is obviously an open face lid. We've seen helmets with this feature before. The most striking element to me is the bug-eyed shield design. For my tastes, this is the stylistic downfall of the Vemar CKQI Bluetooth Helmet. However, style is in the eye of the beholder, so it may be that my tastes are just too traditional.

For obvious reasons, the venting system is only a factor when the helmet is used in the full face mode. The airflow duties are accomplished by a single central intake and multiple rear exhaust vents.

The Vemar CKQI Bluetooth Helmet does come in multiple colors; however, you'll look most like an Imperial Stormtrooper from Star Wars if you buy the white!

The helmet has secured DOT and EC safety certification.

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