Vega Youth Goggles for Motorcycle & ATV

Kids Anti Scratch Eyewear by Jafrum, Shatter Proof Lens

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Vega Youth Goggles for Motorcycle & ATV Eh, what's that you say? Your children wish to be able to see clearly whilst they drive around in the sand and dirt on their ATVs and little dirt bikes? They're tired of riding straight into ditches or into those trees that jump out of nowhere because they have to drive around with their eyes closed? That does sound a little unreasonable, considering you purchased the motorized toys for them and they can't even seem to pony up a few buckaroos to shield their vision. Well, as responsible parents, I might recommend getting them something safe -- and something that's economical for your bank account as well.

These Vega Motorcycle Goggles from Jafrum are designed to be great quality without the expensive price tag. They feature an optically correct clear lens which is durable and shatter-proof. It also has an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating to help it last a little longer. These goggles have a super adjustable strap too that will fit over any size helmet. They're also designed to go over glasses, so your kids wont need to ride around with squinty eyes. The padding on the goggles also create a nice soft fit, and weighing in at only 4 ounces, your kids probably wont even notice they're on.

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