VCAN Milano Motorcycle Helmet

Open Face V528, Wide Visor DOT Approved

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VCAN Milano Motorcycle Helmet When vanity gets in the way of having a truly safe experience, there's always a chance that you're not going to make it out just as you predicted. Take skydiving for example. What if you decided that your parachute looked a little too big, making you look too fat, especially with the harness on so tight? So, you decide to trim a few inches off of the sides of the chute. Well, if you think that's the dumbest idea ever, consider the same circumstances when you wear a vanity helmet because DOT or other helmets make your head look too big. Sometimes looking stylish can get in the way of safety, is all I'm saying. But sometimes helmets come around that offer safety and style, likes these by VCAN.

The VCAN V528 Milano Black European Style Open Face Helmet is made out of ABS thermoplastic resin to create a strong protective helmet, but still lightweight. VCAN makes sure that all their helmets meet DOT specifications, and some of the widest visors on the market. The visor has an anti-scratch coating and is multiple positional as well. The liner itself is impact absorbent and made of EPS foam. If you're worried about matching your helmet with your bike, the VCAN V528 comes in 11 different colors and offers 5 different sizes to fit a wide range of heads.

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