Vance and Hines Short Exhaust Pipe Shots

Black or Chrome

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Vance and Hines Short Exhaust PipeShorter pipes, as a style statement, can really clean up the look of a bike. Depends upon what you're going for, of course, but they do add to that lean, tough, all-business approach.

The Vance and Hines Short Shots fill the style bill nicely: slash-cut ends, an included heat-shield that wraps 220 degrees around the header pipe, removable and replaceable baffles, full mounting hardware, and instructions. These are available in flat black with a chrome Vance and Hines badge, or in all chrome for a more factory appearance.

Important to note on these pipes, however: their noise level has been tested at just over 110db. This is equivalent to standing next to a chainsaw at full throttle. In other words, very loud. Sustained exposure to anything over 90-95db can cause hearing damage; these pipes end on a parallel where your ear is, so you're going to get the full (and apparently ear-splitting) effect of the noise. Rider forums are rife with comments about this. Vance and Hines sells a "quiet baffle" for this pipe, but again, the forums say its effectiveness is limited, and these tend to burn out fairly quickly. As well, a few riders mentioned receiving tickets or warnings while running the Short Shots.

This is a sharp-looking exhaust system, but it's probably a good idea to do your research before going out and purchasing a set. They will likely require carb or metering adjustment due to the substantial decrease in back-pressure.

Recommendation: buy any longer (and preferably quieter) exhaust system for the sake of your ears and your bike.

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