Women’s Motorcycle T-Shirt, Fitted Long Sleeve

Biker Clothing Tie Dye V-Twin

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V-Twin Women's Fat Boy MotorcycleI have seen Harley stickers on Cadillacs and undefined motorcycle decals on everything from laptops to shotguns. If you should see one of these evidences of a fellow rider, you can feel comfortable inquiring about their bike. Heck, they're probably itching to tell someone about it that hasn't heard their stories a million times with eye-rolling recognition. Some of these symbolic bits of biker culture look just God-awful, and some are quite classy indeed.

The V-Twin Fat Boy long-sleeved tie-dye T-shirt is in the latter category. The idea of tie-dye made me cringe a little at first, with images of colors that likely shouldn't exist, let alone be juxtaposed, all twisting in some hideous vortex. I was happy to see, instead, a subtle layering of purple and black with an elegantly variable horizon between.

On the chest is a subtle image of a bike. Just enough to draw attention to your chest and just enough for whoever is caught staring at your chest to make the excuse of looking at the bike.

Like all clothing, it's a matter of taste as to whether you'd want to find this in your closet. Who knows, you might have a bizarre phobia of purple; I'm not here to judge. So long as it fits your style, this is a fine cut to flatter the figure as it is certainly not a unisex piece of clothing. Also, at around $26, a lady can go shopping without feeling guilty.

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