Universal Helmet Shield Snap by Z1R

Clear or Smoke Tint For Half-Helmets, DOT Certified

Posted by Andy

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Universal Helmet Shield Snap by Z1R Do you ride much without a windscreen through back country roads? If you do, I'm sure you get all your protein. I can say from experience that I've eaten just about every bug that you squish on your car windscreen. That's just the problem with half helmets. They don't give you any protection from bugs, or rocks, or even the occasional sudden downpour (shoutout to the Pacific Northwest!). There is a solution, though. You can keep your half helmet and protect yourself, even if your bike is screen-challenged.

Try the Z1R Universal 3-Snap Shield. They come in clear and in smoke tint (for those bright days when you don't feel like wearing sunglasses). It will fit on any helmet that is set up with the 3 snaps on top. That's right -- ANY helmet, whether it's a Harley-branded helmet or something you found at the thrift shop on your lunch break. Another neat feature is that it's mounted to a "hinge" system, meaning you can lift the screen up while it's attached to the front of the helmet, much like a visor in a full-face helmet. Another thing I should mention is that they're DOT certified.

One helmet this works on can be found here.

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