Transformer Motorcycle Helmet by Scorpion

Modular Full & Open Face Neon Yellow EXO-900

Posted by Andy

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Transformer Motorcycle Helmet byIf you've been riding for a few seasons, you've probably got a couple of different helmets sitting in your garage. You need the full face for the protection on the long trips, but in town, you've got the open face for ease and lighter weight. Well, if it's ever been annoying to have to pay for multiple helmets, you might like the new Transformer helmet by Scorpion.

The Scorpion EXO-900 helmet is unique in the fact that it can transform from a full face to a open face helmet without needing any tools to detach the chin piece, or replace it. First and foremost, it is a modular full face helmet that exceeds DOT and ECE expectations. That being said, there are so many features on this helmet, it's almost like you're buying a high-end car. The interior is fitted with the AirFit helmet inflation system -- basically, it's like a pair of Air Nikes, but on your head. No worries about getting a size just a little big; pump up the interior for a perfect fit (this also helps with noise reduction). Another really neat feature is the drop-down retractable SpeedView no-fog internal sun visor. Just flick the switch on the bottom of the helmet, and boom, you've got instant sunglasses. The shell is made of polycarbonate composite, and the interior is made with Scorpion's KwickWick material. Optimus Prime would deem this helmet worthy to fight along side the Auto-bots even.

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