Tourmaster Range Mens Motorcycle Jacket

Blue Denim w/ Liner

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Tourmaster Range Mens Motorcycle Jacket I've always worn a leather jacket with armor, but it isn't the most comfortable item in my closet. If everyone around you is ranting and raving about the leathers, but you're just not interested in cow hide, Tourmaster offers their Range denim jacket made for bikers.

In appearance the Range looks like a sturdy, denim jacket -- which it is -- but removable CE-approved armor protecting your shoulders and elbows make it ride-ready. Triple density, articulated back protection adds to the clandestine features of the Range jacket. A fleece liner will keep you warm on the cool days; zippered vents in the sleeves, chest, and back will keep you cool on the warm days. The sleeve vents have 3 positions to give the rider control over how much airflow they want.

Custom tailoring is no longer common, so Tourmaster made their jacket with adjustable sleeves and waist for a perfect fit. The 13.5-oz. denim makes the Range durable and abrasion resistant. Like any good jacket, it has a plethora of pockets, and if you're still not getting enough ventilation, the pockets function as extra vents.

You don't need to choose between leather and synthetic with a denim jacket like the Range. I'm hard pressed to leave my leather behind, but if anything is going to tempt me away, it will be this bit of apparel. There is a casual association with denim that cannot be dismissed, and this jacket embraces the relaxed style that is unmatched by serious leathers or technical synthetics without leaving the rider devoid of protection.

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