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Tour Master Mens Winter Elite Gloves I'm a wuss. Once the snow starts to fly I'm off the road, and my machine goes into a 3 to 4 month hibernation. Last winter I sat in my car in awe of the sight before me. An early '70s Honda was parked in a structure downtown in the middle of January. The roads were covered in ice, snow, and slush. I was tempted to sit in that structure until the brazen rider returned so I could see how he handled the streets.

For a brave soul such as this, Tour Master offers winter riding gauntlets. Constructed of goat and sheep skin leather, the Winter Elite gloves are durable and will provide abrasion protection as well as water resistance. A thumb-mounted shield wipe will give you a little squeegee at the ready wherever you go -- a unique asset for inclement weather.

Let's talk warmth: Thinsulate insulation and Bemberg lining will keep your fingers toasty warm. The extra padding from the insulation and the stitching will give you added impact protection for when the hail starts to pelt you, because you're unlikely to let the weather deter you if you're the type to be wearing these gloves. A velcro strap will keep your gloves fitted, and the pre-curved palm and fingers mean you won't have to fight with all that padding for a comfortable grip.

Honestly, the shield wipe alone makes these the perfect winter riding gloves.

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