Tour Master Cortech Tribag Saddlebag Set

Black Neoprene

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Tour Master Cortech Tribag SaddlebagNothing says, "I'm getting the heck out of Dodge" like a pair of saddlebags. Of course, they also say things like, "I don't have to drive my car to pick up my groceries." I like the heat resistance of leather but, so long as you're not supporting them on your pipes, synthetic heat shielding has come a long way. The Cortech Tribag saddlebags won't burn through and won't boil your canned corn if they should glance your pipes.

Each of the Tribag saddlebags has 20 liters of storage capacity. The main compartment is accessed through a U-shaped panel that will let you get to your stuff even if you've got a tail bag setting on top. If you need to access only a few things, there are two side pockets on each bag.

Combining some of the organizational features of more advanced luggage with the traditional appeal of saddlebags, the Tribags are more convenient than single compartment designs. Internal supports will keep them in shape on the bike, and a quick-release mounting system allows the rider to take the bags off instead of risking theft.

The neoprene strap and side panels help prevent scratching, but if you get dirt kicked up between the bag and your bike, you will still get some nasty scratches. So, clean that road grime at every stop.

Part of how well these bags ride is up to the rider. Make sure they're balanced to prevent sliding, and you'll be happy with the space and convenience the Tribag saddlebags provide. You're also going to pay for all of those advanced textiles with a price at around $150, but most riders who buy these say they offer a great cost to benefit balance.

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