Torin Jacks Rolling Work Table

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Torin Jacks Rolling Work TableNot everything about motorcycles involves riding them. Even when your bike is in good running order, you probably still like to tinker with it from time to time.

An organized work space can mean the difference between a frustrating, unpleasant afternoon of looking for that elusive screw, or a productive repair session that leaves you with a lofty sense of accomplishment.

The Torin rolling workstation will help you keep organized and makes a more ergonomically sound work area. Get yourself a good stool to go with this table and you won't have to be hunched over with a wrench like Igor.

This rolling work table has a non-slip rubber mat over the 20 x 29-inch surface. The height is comfortably adjustable from 33 to 46 inches tall and can support up to 50 pounds.

Depending on the height of your machine, the offset stand will let you wheel the base under your bike while the tabletop spans both sides. You can move the workstation around at your convenience so you can settle in and focus instead of getting up every few minutes for another tool or a drink of water. I find that always have something to drink when you work takes up time with every sip, but it also lets you slow down and think.

A robust work table will completely change your wrenching time if you've been working off of the floor up until now. The Torin workstation is well worth the $60 to $70 price tag. Just be sure that you don't turn it into another cluttered storage surface in your garage.

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