Torco GP-7 Oil Lubricant

2 Stroke Engine

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Torco GP-7 Oil Lubricant Eating nothing but junk food is not going to kill you right away, but when you reach your older years you'll wish you'd taken better care of your system. Your bike is the same way. Giving your machine cheap oil may not show immediate degradation, but if you want your machine to last, you'd better give it something better.

Torco, the producer of advanced lubricants, provides a 100-percent synthetic oil made specifically for 2-stroke engines. While a lot of race-quality equipment doesn't do anything for the recreational rider, you can never go wrong with better oil. The GP-7 2-stroke oil is made for the heat and high rpm conditions of racing and can be used with liquid or air cooled engines.

Utilizing their most advanced smokeless technology, Torco says this oil will improve throttle response and increase power efficiency while running clean. GP-7 meets JASCO FC and ISO-L-EGD specifications, which means you will get a high degree of detergency. The synthetic fortifiers and additives contribute to a mixture that keeps your plugs from fouling, your rings from sticking, and is free of deposits.

You don't get anything for free, so this kind of lubrication technology comes with a higher price tag than your standard oils. You can pay the price now, or in a few years when your engine starts getting stiff. The best way to keep the price down is to buy in bulk. Torco sells their GP-7 from 500 mL bottles to 55 gallon drums -- and everything between -- so you can buy depending on your usage requirements.

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