TMS Motorcycle MX Body Armor, Chest Protector Shirt

Protective Sport Bike Suit, Mesh TARMOR222-XL-K

Posted by Andy

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TMS Motorcycle MX Body Armor, ChestWrecks come when you least expect it. One sunny day, I hit railroad tracks at the wrong angle on my Honda Hurricane and felt it slide right out from under my butt. There was only one thought that raced through my mind: "F*** this is going to hurt!" I was right, too.

It was a stupid call on my part to ride without gloves or a jacket anyways, but it was nice out, and I didn't want to have to carry a heavy jacket along with me everywhere. If I could do it again, I'd be wearing something like the TMS Motorcycle Full Body Armor Shirt. It's got back, shoulder, elbow, forearm, and chest protection all attached to a lightweight yet durable Lycra/mesh stretchable fabric with a full zipper front closure. Because it's mesh, it will let air in easily so you won't be sweating as soon as you put it on. The armor is injection-molded plastic designed for high impact. I don't know how well the Lycra/mesh fabric would hold up in a long slide, but the whole thing is light enough to fit under your leather jacket to give you better protection.

There are other versions of body armor like this one from TMS. Here's one that doesn't look so much like it came out of a Batman movie.

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