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Tie Down Set by Keeper, Heavy Duty It's bound to happen sooner or later. You're going to have to take your motorcycle into the shop or tow it home in the back of a truck or in a trailer at some point. It's what they call the law of have-to's. Kind of like when you have-to go to the in-law's house, or when you have-to renew your drivers license. At some point, everyone has to.

Well, when that day comes, it would be wise to use some good tie downs to make sure your bike makes it safe to the destination. Made by Keeper, these Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Tie Downs will keep your bike in place when you drive over those potholes. They have a 1000-pound working load limit with a 3000-pound tested break strength, so you can pull and tug as much as you'd like to get your bike secure. They're 8 feet long by 1.5 inches wide and feature two soft tie ratchets with a patented built-in tie extension along with coated snap hook "D" rings. Basically, the way these are set up, you can wrap the tie-down around each handle bar instead of trying to force a hook over it and hope it stays in place. These are sold in packs of two, so depending on how secure you want the bike, you might want to get two packs or use something else to stabilize the rear end.

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