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Seal N Air Motorcycle Emergency Repair

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Threebond Flat Tire Sealant Unless you ride with a sidecar attached, you probably don't carry a spare on your bike. With that fact in mind, smart riders carry some kind of option for fixing a flat. Some of the options include a spare tube and tire irons (for tube type tires), a plug kit and CO2 cartridges for tubeless tires, or some type of inflatable fix-a-flat. Threebond Seal 'N' Air is a product I have used for years. It is nice, cheap insurance that a flat will not leave you stranded.

Seal "n" Air is a good but non-permanent option. It works only on the most minor of leaks -- but with something more major, you shouldn't ride anyway. The key thing to remember is that this product is only intended to get you to where you can permanently fix the flat, or in the case of tubeless sport tires, replace the tire completely.

Here is a hint for you dirt and dual-sport riders. If you are going to carry the can in a pouch with other tools, wrap the Seal "n" Air in a thick sock. This will prevent the tools from rubbing a potential hole in the can, and it will serve as a cleanup rag if you have to use it.

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