Thor Mens Motorcycle Sweatshirt Hoody, Nylon

Fleece Jacket Navigator Gray

Posted by Nick

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Thor Mens Navigator Hoody A quality moto hoody is an essential piece of clothing every rider needs in order to properly compliment his image. Don't roll your eyes and act like you don't care about your image. Those gnarly graphics kits, unnecessary foam seat humps, and anodized valve stem caps aren't exactly performance mods. Don't get mad at me now for telling you the hard truth; for the vast majority of us, what we lack in speed we make up for in style. If you and your bike look fast, people will likely think you are fast. The same basic rule applies to your casual gear.

Now I'm not saying Thor's Navigator Hoody will make anyone believe you can hit a stadium triple, but it will let people know you are down with the motocross industry and care enough to support companies that support the sport. And while the Navigator's premium fleece construction, nylon accent panels, and utility-style slash pockets may essentially serve the same purpose as your dad's nappy old flannel from who-knows-when, you will not look nearly as fast rolling up to the track as you would if you were sporting this bad boy.

Also check out this fleece hoody from Alpinestars.

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