Slip Streamer Classic Windshield

Suzuki Boulevard 800 C50 CT

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Slip Streamer Classic Windshield I'm a young rider, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the classic look. I was 3 years old when my bike was manufactured, and the art of the modern machine -- the lines that make it a thing of beauty -- have changed drastically since that time. Still, I can't look at a modern bike with the same affection I feel for that '80s style, and I love talking to folks who rode them when they were new.

A wonderful trait of the motorcycle community, and people who manufacture products for them, is the appreciation for old styles as well as new. Slip Streamer's Classic shield is just like the name states: a shield styled for a classic look. Special attention was paid to the hallmarks of the older cruisers, such as the triple chrome-plated fasteners.

The Classic cruiser shield is constructed of 3/16-inch lucite acrylic and is DOT and ANSI approved. You have the selection of a 17-inch or 22-inch high shield, and both are 23 inches wide. The hardware is adaptable and will fit many kinds of bikes from many different eras.

I recognize the appeal for the Classic Slip Streamer windshield, and I recognize its functional benefits. All windshields, after all, take a lot of the fatigue out of riding. When it comes to looks, however, I prefer a bike without a shield. But, opinions are like... well, you know the saying. Either way, this is a fine windshield if you're looking to outfit a classic machine.

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