SkullSkins Reflective Helmet Cover

Custom Design for Full Face & Half Shell, Frontiercycle Full Dragon

Posted by Andy

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SkullSkins Reflective Helmet Cover Are you indecisive by nature? Are you afraid of picking out a color of helmet, or one with a designed graphic, only to fear that you will have immediate buyer's remorse and wish you had picked door number two instead? Sure, you can just stick more stickers over that hideous design, or you could think about something totally out of the box. What about putting a knitted cover over the helmet? No… well, I don't blame you. That would look ridiculous. Instead, think about putting on a Reflective SkullSkins Helmet Cover and forget about the nuisance of peeling off stickers.

First of all, these things are made in the USA, and not only that, but they're made to order. They're designed to fit almost all full face helmets and completely cover the outside (but not the visor). They're made out of a Lycra based fabric which is breathable and also helps keep the helmet cool in the heat by blocking direct contact with the sun. They don't flap around in the wind, like you might think, and the added plus is it's like a built-in helmet bag. It protects it from scratches and chips, too. Oh, did I mention that the built-in reflective graphics can be seen from over a hundred yards away? Not too shabby. It comes in eight different designs, and they also make one that will fit a half shell helmet, too.

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