Skull Neoprene Motorcycle Face Mask, White

Reversible Black Adjustable Velcro

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Skull Neoprene Motorcycle Face Mask,There's something nostalgic about a biker riding down the road with a bandana covering his or her face. It's a tried and true look. But anybody who rides knows that bandanas done help much in rain, hail, dust, or high wind.

This full face mask is made of neoprene and features a white skull design. It will protect your face from wind, cold, hail, and flying bits of hay that come whipping off that tractor ahead of you. The mask features large eye openings for maximum safety, a shaped nose with an opening for easy breathing, and small holes at the mouth. Neoprene is a flexible material and will form to your face, so you can count on comfort. Neoprene is developed for weather-resistance -- it is lightweight and designed to keep your warmth in and the cold out. The mask is reversible with black on the underside, in case you don't feel like being quite so bad-ass on any given day. The mask secures with an adjustable Velcro strap at the back and sits comfortably under a helmet. Since Neoprene is stretchy, it will fit almost any head.

The skull design is well-done -- a little cheesy, and it might scare the kiddos, but it looks good. The mask is best worn with goggles over it, not under.  If you are really into the skull look, you can find matching gloves, too.

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