Skull Ace Of Spades Half Helmet

Daytona Motorcycle Beanie Cap DOT Y Strap

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Skull Ace Of Spades Half Helmet I'm a firm believer that helmets should be worn when riding, but I can also understand that a lot of them on the market feel bulky and heavy. It's not always the thicker or heavier helmet that protects best, either. Sometimes, just having the right material can make all the difference. Skull caps like this one can still protect, but they cut down on the bulk.

Daytona Helmets combine sleek design with detailed style with their Skull Ace of Spades Beanie Half Shell Motorcycle helmet. It meets and exceeds all federal and state DOT certification standards, which should give you a little bit of piece of mind considering that this is one of the smallest half shell helmets out on the market. It measures just 3/4-inch worth of foam and 1/4-inch of padding. It's not the most comfortable helmet ever, but it is lightweight and seems to fit well, even though it's only available in three sizes (small, medium, and large). The finish on the helmet itself is a soft touch dull type. The graphics are clear-coated over to ensure that they won't fade or peel off. The strap is a Y-strap configuration (much like a bicycle helmet) and is pretty comfortable around the ears.

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