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661 Bomber Undershort Riding long hours on the motocross track or out in the woods is a full-body physical experience. From helmets to knee braces to chest protectors,
riders outfit themselves with all sorts of apparel and safety gear to make their ride safer and more comfortable. One of the most overlooked areas as far as safety and comfort is concerned is your crotch and your bottom- c'mon now, stop that giggling, we are all adults here.

There is nothing that can ruin an otherwise great day of riding quite as
fast as a bad case of chafing. If youve never worn riding specific underwear like the 661 Bomber Undershort, then you likely have no idea what you are missing. The biggest thing that stands out about the Bomber Undershort is the strategically placed foam around the outer thigh area. Most full-on riding pants come with a flimsy pad aimed at protecting the hip and thigh area but many riders simply remove that pad as it is usually attached using weak Velcro and hard to keep in place. The foam protection on the Bomber would likely only save you from a scratch or two in a crash but any protection is usually better than none. The benefit of having padding sewn into your underwear seems logical enough though; don't take your underwear off while riding and your pads stay in place.

The other big benefit of riding shorts is just the comfort factor over briefs, boxers, or boxer briefs. Unlike your cotton underwear, these won't stretch out or ride up all day. The Bomber is made of a flexible and breathable mesh material and comes with a vented and padded crotch area. The increased comfort and decreased moisture and chafing that comes with a vented crotch really is worth its weight in gold. So if you have ever suffered through a day of monkey-butt, flaming thighs, or sandpaper cheeks, you owe it to your backside to check out some riding shorts.

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