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Show Chrome Switch Box Cover 13207When you first buy a bike you may have those fresh emotions where you think it's perfect just the way it is, but after a while you start seeing a few things you wouldn't mind improving. Manufacturer's base machines come with a lot of plastic and unpolished metal, so it's like giving a kid a color-by-numbers set. They give you all the pieces and you can make them your own. I recently helped pick out a faucet handle to replace a fuel shut-off lever, so there are no holds barred.

The switch box around the clutch lever, for instance, is usually plastic or unpolished cast metal. There's nothing eye-catching about it so most of the time it isn't noticed, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be. Show Chrome's switch box cover will turn a dingy, black box into one more bit of shine. This cover can add another spot of chrome to your bike and bring you closer to unity of design with the rest of your polished surfaces. Or you can make it stand out, all on its lonesome, with unique adornment.

Beauty and tradition are big draws, but the practicality of chrome should not be lost on the rider. Sometimes the only way I see the rider behind me is because their chrome is catching the light. Switch box covers are easy to put on, so go ahead and dress up one more drab part.

You can also dress up your bike's driveshaft with Cobra's easy-to-install chrome cover.

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