Shinko Classic 240 Tire MT90-16

Street Cruiser Motorcycle Double Whitewall Tires

Posted by Andy

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Shinko Classic 240 Tire MT90-16 Some of the coolest looking mods that you can do to your bike, in my humble opinion, are throwing some good, cool-looking tires on. Not only do you get a great sense of relief knowing that your tires are new and will grip the pavement solidly, but throw a pair of whitewall tires on and you'll see people turning their heads when you fly by them.

There's just something about whitewall tires that brings a sense of nostalgia. They immediately class up even the classiest old cafe racer. These Double Whitewall Street/Cruiser motorcycle tires made by Shinko are a great way to add a little more of a vintage feel to your older bikes. I say older because these tires aren't tubeless. They're made for tube-type rims. They're available in the MT90-16 size, so that will rule out a few bikes as well. But for those of you with the correct rims, these Shinko tires are compounded for high mileage and rated "H" (up to 130mph) with a 4-ply nylon carcass. They have an Aramid belt that offsets the tread distortion for better grip and durability. Shinko also makes single whitewall and normal black-walled versions of the same tire, if you're not so down with the double whitewall look -- but really, how could you not?

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