Shark RSR 2 Muggeridge Helmet

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Shark RSR 2 Muggeridge Helmet | Streetbike HelmetShark crafted a great helmet here, stylish in design, and equipped with everything you need to keep you safe on the road.

The multi-directional composite-fiber shell is made from a durable Carbon/Aramid blend, two of the most competent solids in keeping your head safe. Integrated ducts direct the air movement via a high-flow ventilation system with an easy-open vent.

The visor is, of course, anti-fog; however, Shark added Venturi side extractors and its Total Vision capability for anti-scratch, as well as its Push One visor quick-release system using four different anchor points.

Inside the shell you'll find 6 multi-element shock absorbers with distinct densities all depending on where your head is situated.

There are too many features to list here, but there's room for one more: Shark claims that the Muggeridge is the "lightest helmet in its class."

So they managed to design a helmet that feels weightless, while being as hard as a rock. Impressive.

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