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Vented Full Face Helmet

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Shark RSI Eden Full Face Helmet My brother-in-law has a really big head. I'm not kidding around; he has trouble finding hats. My sister, on the other hand, has a small head. It seems wrong that, despite the extreme difference in cranium size, they end up with the same shell size when they buy helmets. He is either getting skimpy padding, or she's getting a helmet so large that her neck is going to have to beef up to support it.

Shark is one of only a few companies that offer separate shell sizes within their size range, but that is the least of their features. The RSI Eden is a gorgeous helmet with detailed decals, pearlescent paint, and a thick clear-coat.

With helmets, like people, it's what's inside that counts. The Eden is constructed of multi-directional composite fibers to prevent weak fissure cracking. This construction reduces the thickness of the shell without reducing the protection it provides. Shark utilizes a unique impact distribution system where the shell is designed with crush zones that spread force throughout the foam lining. The RSI meets and exceeds ECE 22 and DOT standards.

Excellent ventilation, low noise levels, and a brilliant quick-release visor system for their anti-scratch/anti-fog visor contribute to make this a superb full-face helmet. Back in 2004, webBikeWorld named the RSI their "Helmet of the Year," and in the last 5 years Shark has continued to improve. At under $400, it's not the most expensive helmet you can buy, but it's also not the cheapest. Try one on and do your research.

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